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 This page was updated on 3/16/13

I will be updating with pictures of the babies soon! or feel free to inquire on what I have available.

email me at [email protected] if you are interested in a bunny or call                       

   (610) 345- 0838 or 410 620-5689 Thank you, Sheri

Liberty blue tort and Happy Jack have a litter DOB: 2/7/13

Blue tort doe (Available) $90

Blue tort doe (Available) $100

Sophie blue tort VM doe and Flint BEW buck have a litter DOB: 2/9/13

BEW doe (Available) $150

Harlequin white and blue doe (Available) $125

Harlequin VM fawn and blue (Available) $125

Harlequin VM fawn and blue doe (Available) $150

Smoked pearl VM doe (Available) $125

Smoked Pearl VM doe (Available) $125

Blue VM doe (Available) $150

The Rescue blue tort doe and Happy Jack have a litter DOB: 2/11/13

Blue Tort Doe (Available) $125

Blue Tort Doe (Available) $100

Blue Tort Buck (available) $85

Cream Buck (HOLD) for the Spencer family $150

Dolly and Happy Jack have a litter DOB: 2/12/13

Broken Blue Tort Buck (Available) $100

Broken Blue Tort Buck (Available) $100

Blue Tort Doe (Available) $100

Blue Tort Buck (Available) $85

Cream Doe (HOLD) for Shannon $150

Cream doe (HOLD) for the Spencer family $150

                                                                                                                                                                                             (                                                                                                              Melissa and Rumble have a litter DOB: 1/4/12

broken otter Lewis is a fixed male(Available) $60




Diluca and Happy Jack have a litter DOB: 3/5/12

 Cream fixed buck for a pet home (Available) $60 



 Perriwinkle and Happy Jack have a litter 4/19/12

 blue tort doe proven brood doe. (Available) $50


Cream buck proven(Available) $80






Diluca/Happy Jack have a litter 6/3/12

 blue tort doe proven brood doe (Available) $80



  Sandstorm/Lewis have a litter DOB: 7/29/12

Broken sable marten buck (SOLD) $125





Princess/coco have a litter DOB: 8/2/12

broken chocolate otter doe has a litter due soon!




 Foxy and Haas' Little Geuiness chestnut buck DOB 9/16/1  

Harliquin buck (Available) $50


Harliquin doe (Available) $50


black silver tipped Steel doe (Available) $50





Tootsie and Ranger have a litter DOB 8/4/12

Siamese Sable buck Judges comments good head and shoulders (Available) $125



Tri Doe Patches/ Serge orange buck has a litter DOB 10/5/12

 Harlequin doe (SOLD) $150



Hava has a litter 10/23/12

 Broken Chestnut doe (SOLD) $150



Melissa has a litter DOB 11/5/12

 Otter doe (Available) $100








more babies due soon. Feel free to inquire.


Available Holland Lops

Velvet Lions

I have just started working with this wonderful new breed with the Mini rex velvet coat and the Lionhead mane. I am focusing on Reds but will have other colors as well.

I have Red bucks available now $50 DOB 4/5/12


A litter from Tigger and Rabbit DOB: 6/21/12

frosty doe (Available) $60

torted otter doe(Available)$50


Feel free to inquire about velvet lion carriers or with any interest in the breed.

Available Netherland Dwarfs

Delilah and Harvey have a litter DOB 8/2/12

Black doe (Available) $50




 Broken otter doe/ harliquin buck have a litter DOB 8/13/12

Tri color buck (Available) $50






ALL Lionheads are available!

 I have new babies but have not posted pictures  Feel free to inquire about pictures of available bunnies if interested.

I have some red single maned bucks and orange babies buck and does.


 Clementin and Andy have a litter DOB: 10/24/12

 Orange double maned buck (Available) $50





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