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Rabbit and Bunny sales policy

Pending:  Waiting for non-refundable deposit
Hold:  A non-refundable deposit has been received
Sold:  Rabbit is paid for in full
All deposits are non-refundable, if you put a deposit on a rabbit and decide not to purchase the rabbit we will put the deposit on another available rabbit of your choice. I do not hold a rabbit with out a deposit.
  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold a rabbit,  balance due at pick-up (cash only or you can  pay by check).  If you pay by check, I must receive the payment before you pick-up your rabbit or before we meet (if we are meeting for you to pick-up your rabbit).  The deposit goes toward the cost of your rabbit.    
E-mail us to make arrangements.
If you see a rabbit and it is pending you can still inquire,  sometimes things change and the rabbit may become available.
Prices:   Are determind by quality and color of the rabbit.
To the best of our knowledge all our rabbits are healthy when they leave us.  We can not be held responsible for injuries that may occur after the rabbits leaves us.  If your rabbit becomes ill, you must have a written statement from your veterinarian of the rabbits illness, also the findings must be something that would have occured from birth.  With a written statement from your veterinarian we will gladly replace your rabbit with a new one of your choice and like quality,  as long as the rabbit is not already spoken for. If you decide not to purchase another rabbit from us, we will only refund you 50% of the purchase price of the rabbit.  If your bunny has been paid in full but not picked up and and an accident should happen to the bunny then a nother bunny of like quality and price may be picked as soon as available or %50 cash refund of the bunnys price will be paid. If a bunny becomes sick while in my care the bunny will be kept and treated before going to its new home.
All Deposits and Balances on Rabbits must be paid
in cash or check.
If you fail to show up on the date agreed apon to pick up your rabbit you will have 24 hours to get in touch with me or your deposit will be void and the bunny will be available for other people to purchase. Also if you are sending your deposit by mail and I have not recieved your deposit in 7 days I will try to contact you and if I do not hear back from you in 24 hours the bunny will be available for others to put a deposit on. I reserve the right to keep the bunny longer then the pick up date agreed apon if I feel the bunny needs more time with its mother.
  Rabbits come with a full pedigree and will be tatooed. Pet rabbits
 sold at a discounted price are sold with a birth certificate not a
 pedigree but will be tatooed. Should you later change your mind and
 would like a pedigree it may be purchased if you still have the birth
 certificate available.

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